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What form do the amicable settlement proceedings take?

After the consumer or the trader has filed an application for amicable settlement, he will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

The Mediator of consumption contacts the other party to ask whether he or she agrees to participate in the process and to give his/her views on the application.  If the other party refuses or does not respond to the Mediator of consumption’s invitation, the process is terminated.

If the other party agrees to participate and gives his/her views on the matter to the Mediator of consumption, that information is forwarded to the applicant.

The Mediator of consumption then tries to find some common ground between the parties in order to reach an amicable settlement.

If no amicable settlement can be reached, the Mediator of consumption may invite the parties to the premises of the National service of the Mediator of consumption so they can discuss with each other the possibility of an amicable settlement.

If the parties reach an amicable agreement, they sign that agreement.

If the parties do not reach an amicable agreement, the Mediator of consumption may propose a solution which the parties are free to accept or reject.